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E.M. Watson is a multi-talented actor, writer, music composer,dj, dancer, singer and the COO of a production company called Espeuté Productions. E.M. Watson received his B.A. in Cognitive Psychology from Georgia Gwinnett College. He is the co-founder of the Gwinnett Entertainment Meetup (G.E.M.), a non-profit dedicated to providing resources and connections to up and coming entertainers and entertainment enthusiasts. He has assisted Espeuté Productions on winning numerous business and film awards and has also acquired various film and music videos awards for his own projects. E.M. Watson continues to attend business workshops on leadership and entrepreneurship with the goal of spreading knowledge to those that lack the resources.


In 2013, E.M. Watson experienced a traumatic divorce that sent him over the edge. For 3 years he faced alcoholism, depression, near death and financial strain which all came to a screeching halt after being admitted into the hospital on October 15th, 2016. After a rapid decline in his health, E.M. Watson was forced to go to the hospital which consisted of a 3 week long fight for his life. This experience changed his life and motivated him to tackle all of his ailments with a more holistic approach. With the help of Espeuté Productions, he was able to create a multi-award winning experimental film that highlights his 3 year spiritual metamorphosis.      



Presentation Topics:

“Why not LIVE?” - E.M. Watson’s inspirational story of his battle with depression, alcoholism and near death. In this relatable talk, E.M. Watson illustrates how he was able to overcome his obstacles and eventually become a healthy, vibrant award-winning artist and entrepreneur.