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MAY 2018

Exposed Vocals

May 2016

Exposed Vocals: So tell us your story. Where did you grow up? What made you decide to become an artist?

E.M. Watson: I was born about 30 minutes from New Orleans. I grew up around music because my parents are jazz musicians. I was trained as a 

100 Favorite Horror Films

November 2015


It’s approximately 7:00pm when the car pulls up to the main entrance of the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee.  It’s dark outside and Karalee Renee Brannon, the production’s editor and our driver, believes that we are in the right place but not 100 percent sure. 


May 2016

E.M. Watson aka Estebon Miguel Watson is an artist of Spanish extraction that encompasses dance, vocals, and acting techniques to express his emotions to his viewers. He was born into a family of jazz musicians in a city called Slidell which is located about 30 minutes north

Crazy Pellas

November 2015

I wanted to release something that would coincide with Halloween and also symbolize separating myself from people or environments that are harmful and hateful. The ability to "Go Ghost" on haters seemed to work well for the title and concept.


December 2015

It certainly took me long enough, but let me welcome Playground Hero to this column. The band, composed of vocalist E.M. Watson, guitarist Davon Watson, bassist Ian Rowland and drummer Wade Stephens, released its first full-length album, On Broad Street, in July.

The Tawfik Zone

August 2015

On August 1st, 1981 MTV entered the airwaves. In its heyday, it opened the gates for enterprising pop musicians and innovative filmmakers who quickly transformed music videos into a new art form as well as a means to segue into bestselling concerts...